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Welcome!  Is your company looking for Los Angeles recruiters? We match you with your ideal Los Angeles Recruiting firm at no cost to you! There are hundreds of recruiters in L.A.  Why not let us use our expertise to narrow down your search so you don’t waste valuable time and resources with a recruiting agency that doesn’t work for you? Since we know how urgent it can be to fill an open position, we’ll connect you with a firm that suits your needs within 24 hours.

Step One: Tell Us What You Need From a Recruiter
To determine the best Los Angeles Recruiter for your search, we’ll ask you a variety of questions about your needs. We’d like to know about the position you need to fill, the type of candidates you’d like to see, any particular industry knowledge you want your recruiter to have, and what part of Los Angeles you’re located in. We keep any information you share with us completely confidential, and only share it, with your express approval, with the recruiter we choose for you. Your privacy is a very high priority for us.

Step Two: We Choose the Best Recruiter From Our Network
With your needs in mind, we search our Network of revered Los Angeles recruiters to find the best match for you. We carefully assess the recruiters to ensure they have strong records of finding premier talent in your industry. We’ll ultimately choose the top contender based on your stated preferences, your industry, and the nature of your search.

Step Three: We Connect You with the Best Recruiter
We’ll help you set up a meeting or phone interview with the recruiter we select for you. Our clients are almost always satisfied with our first choice recruiting firm, but if you’re not, we’ll already have a few alternates in mind so the process will continue to progress quickly.

Step Four: Give Us Your Feedback
Call or email us to tell us about your experience! Are you happy with the candidate you found? Was your recruiter effective, efficient, and professional? Did you have any challenges? Please let us know as your feedback allows us to improve our services for everyone involved.